Aaron Todd

I started vaping about 7 years ago! I started with a 510 cigalike. Times have changed. I was unable to quit with that device. I was able to finally stop smoking on May 1st 2012 after trying over 20 different devices. Over the past few years I have found a love for vaping and was finally given a chance to start one of my dreams. In March 2013 we opened Volcano of Kansas City and In late 2013 we changed to Vapur of Kansas City. This has been a great ride so far and I am loving every day of it! I have the best staff, support staff and investors working with me to help Vapur become better every day. I have 2 great business partners who own Vapur of Lee's Summit and Vapur West. I work almost every day of the week not because I have to, but because I love what we have created here!

Bradd Eversole

Specialized sales representative
Bradd was initially hired on to be the resident coil builder, rebuildable expert and mechanical mod expert. He has been with us about 6 months and has exceeded those duties. Bradd loves anything to do with advanced vaping. He is also our in house liquid tester when it comes to sampling new flavors from vendors. Bradd's sales relations and customer services continues to grow every day! Feel free to call or stop in and ask him any questions about any of our products!

Nicole Jarrett

Nicole is our senior employee and has been with us since December of 2013. She is very caring, loves her job, coming to work and meeting new customers. She takes pride in helping others find a device that will give them a chance to put down the analogs. Other than sales, Nicole also handles shipping and receiving, wholesale, distribution and online sales. Stop in and say hello!

Jacob Wilson

Specialized sales representative
Jacob is the newest member of the Vapur of Kansas City Team! He was hired on to assist customers in choosing the right equipment and liquid to help them quit smoking. Jacob has experience with rebuildables and prefers to drip which allows him to answer a variety of questions ranging beginner devices to an advanced rebuild. Being the lowest man on the totem pole, Jacob has accepted that he is the pick for trash duties and other uninspiring tasks. Jacob will gladly do whatever is needed of him to make Vapur of Kansas City an amazing shop and make EVERY customer happy.